You probably already know that there are several types of car tires available on the market. What most drivers don't know, however, is how to differentiate each driver.
Our team decided to create a short guide on the subject. In today's article you will find out all about the striking features of each type of car tire. Stay with us!

Inside Car Tire Types

You may be quite surprised to read the next few lines. In addition to the technical details, tires of different types often bring very characteristic aesthetic details.

When it comes to car tires, there are basically 4 very popular types:

On-road tires
On-road tires are aimed at vehicles that drive mostly in the city. If you live in an urban environment, you probably see hundreds of on-road tires every day.
For a car to travel safely around the city, on road tires have smaller grooves, ensuring a greater contact area of ​​the carcass with the ground.
Off-road tires
Off road tires, in turn, have very striking features and are perfect for those who will use the car predominantly on dirt roads or mud.
In an interview with Auto Esporte Magazine , Fábio Magliano, Pirelli's Marketing, Product and Motor Sport Manager, says the off tires “have a wider tread, wider grooves and reinforced casing”.
These strokes naturally make the off-road tire stronger and more effective on dusty, rocky, watery terrain.

Mixed-use tires
Now you may be wondering, "Okay, but what if I want to use my car in town during the week and travel to the farm on Saturdays?"
In this case, the most suitable types of car tires are mixed-use tires, which combine the two characteristics.
“Green” tires
To ensure an environmentally friendly option, the so-called “green tires” are also available to the consumer.
Generally mixed-use, this type of tire is manufactured differently and uses materials that make it lighter, less noisy and also with lower rolling resistance (which saves fuel).
How to choose the right tire type?
By reading the definitions of on, off and mixed-use tires, you probably already understand what is the best option for your car. If you are still in doubt, it is worth to read general altimax rt43 review.
“It is the manufacturer's indication that the correct pressure, periodic alignment and balancing control and the most appropriate types are listed,” Mayer recommended in an interview with Auto Esporte magazine.
That said, let's talk now about what damage a bad choice can bring…
The biggest danger, of course, is related to your safety. Choosing the wrong type of tire - whether riding the city with off-road tires or vice versa - compromises driver safety.
In the case of an off-road product circulating on asphalt, the most common problems that may appear are:

When the opposite happens (on-road or mixed-use tires running on trails and dirt roads), it is possible until the product has its tread pulled off, which will destabilize the vehicle.